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Posted on 22 Jun 2011 at 7:36am

Charles ‘Charlie’ Reagan, one of the best runners from West Tennessee, was brutally robbed and murdered this afternoon at his muffler shop in Milan, Tennessee.

Reagan has been found brutally stabbed to death in his business, the Supreme Muffler Center. He was pronounced dead at Milan General University Hospital. He was 54 years.

Milan police arrested 17-year-old boy on charges of murder in the first degree, especially aggravated robbery, according to Jackson is not.

Charles is survived by his wife, friction, and three daughters.

Charlie was a good friend and running one of my favorite people. We always knew when Charlie showed the 5k or 10k race, we raced to second place.

Reagan ran mostly 5K and 10K is the last time, but he was excellent as well marathoner.

Rocket City Marathon he ran in December 2010 in 3 hours and 7 minutes. Earlier this year, ran in Germantown polmaratónu 1:24. His best marathon where I could find was in 2002 in the Rocket City Marathon 2:52.

He was still phasing out the 18 minutes it’s 5K in the spring. I had a last ride with him in Medina Hornet 5K back only last month. That day, for some reason he went into great detail about how “quickly” and share with me their speed training that help to him quickly.

I had took the medal for him from the previous 10K a few weeks ago, he had to leave early. I gave him that day. He looked at it several times and told me: “This thing is tiny!” He then found a small child to give. Little boy is lit up!

Charles often wear purple all his hometown Milan Bulldogs (high school). After winning, he would be a great shout, “What is the Milan Bulldogs” or “go to Milan bulldog!”

A lot of us just run, but Charlie would truly Run It Fast!

He will be missed!

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