Linda Perry Slams Lady Gaga: She Doesn’t Deserve an Oscar Nomination0 Comments

Posted on 19 Jan 2016 at 11:27am

Linda Perry took to the twitter and she wrote on Monday, January 18 that Lady Gaga does not deserve for the nomination for the Oscar award. Linda Perry is the well known songwriter and producer and she said that Lady Gaga did not write about the lyrics ‘Till It Happens to You’ of the Hunting Ground.

Perry tweeted that they would not respond to all but she was feeling spunky and there was another artist, who sang this song. The 4 Non Blondes rocker, Diane Warren has written this song which Gaga edited the one line of this son. The original lyrics of the song can be read as that till you got a hole ripped in her soul and Gaga rewrote it in different way like till he is at the end and at the end of the of rope.

Perry has already written the songs of Christina, Pink, Gwen Stefani and Aguilera but Diane is looking for rewriting that line, which Gaga added with some words in it. Diane wanted to get the support of Gaga for the promotion of the song. She is very lucky and smart business woman and she knew that these songs were written by Diane Warren. She was saying that she was stating the truth. Now she is using twitter to say something about it

Linda Perry Slams And Lady Gaga's Picture

Linda Perry Slams And Lady Gaga's Picture

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