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Posted on 27 Apr 2011 at 11:27am

Trouble starlet Lindsay Lohan received a standing ovation when she stopped by to see Jay Leno on The Tonight Show on Monday. I guess not everyone thinks that Lindsay is a complete disaster huh?

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Hot on the heels of being sentenced to 120 days in the slammer LiLo decided to have a little chat with Leno about her current troubles and her career, yes it looks like she does still have some sort of career.

According to multiple media outlets when Lohan was announced and came out onto the stage she received a standing ovation from the audience. The show airs tonight if you want to tune in and see if that actually happened or not. I personally don’t think that she is worth a standing ovation but that is just me.

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What is Lindsay, although it will be the fact that the new movie Gotti, news sink. We hope this will not cause him to lose the last part of the legal issue. I have faith that, It should be noted that on the one hand, I think the appropriate film. Lohan in it, last Friday, his sentence was that of shock, feeling numb on the left if you let it sink. He wants the public to think, I was not messing around and he found it extremely shocking I do not know  the judge, the lessons learned in order to have Lohan.

Jay’s show is not a scheduled visit, but I think that was a calculated one. I think that the punishment given to him only a day after a low-show appearance that does not mean a clear coincident. Or he just wants to get its story out, or he tries to get some sympathy. I am a little bit, but may be considered to show the intention of checking out how to have, because it really does not matter?

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