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Posted on 04 Apr 2011 at 12:05pm

This morning, Lindsay Lohan showed up to court and told Judge Keith Schwartz that she did not want to take the plea deal the prosecutor had offered her and instead, said she would rather go to trial to settle the felony grand theft charges against her. The case was then transferred to Judge Stephanie Sautner, who will oversee the preliminary hearing that has been set to take place on April 22nd.

His decision to ignore the plea deal of sense when it is considered along the way Lindsay biggest fear  throughout  this whole ordeal was the possibility that she would return to prison. When Judge Schwartz originally presented Lindsay with the plea agreement, he explained to her that it would definitely include some time in prison. We therefore wanted to avoid that, she went with another option of declining  to offer  J. Schwartz and choose to try his luck with a jury. But it looks like it may be some time in jail anyway: she could not return to a correctional facility if the judge considers it Sautner violated her probation when she stole the necklace, or if it is just said guilty of grand theft. Or who knows! She could go to jail for two! Man, does Lindsay want to come back by acting as soon as possible, or what?!

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