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Posted on 29 Mar 2011 at 11:32am

You know those nights when your friends drag you to the pub or club with the fact that you have mono or something very wrong with you and insist that revel and drink and have a great time in the muggy darkness of the cavernous pit some crap? You have a few drinks because you are bored but then remember you are sick and started getting really woozy and dizzy and you just want to go home? You know those kind of nights? If you do not, you’ve now got a little easier way to experience that great feeling without leaving the perfect spot where you’re resting your laurels in this time too and it will only take three and a half minutes to hours to recreate what a crowded bar or club may be offered. Is not that neat? Not you feel like Willy Wonka’s all your dreams come true?

Here a little magic “pill”, is Britney Spears’ new man, “until the end of the World” and his lyrics sound like they could be written on mescaline or something. And not Hunter S. Thompson kind of mescaline that makes you see the lizard people and the floor covered in blood, but the kind that makes you think “Whoa-oh-oh-oh-Ooooh” and “Keep playing until the final world” is inspired lyrics. Either that or Ke $ ha wrote. Oh wait. He did. This explains everything

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