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Posted on 22 Jan 2013 at 6:21am

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Just after marriage, there is a time when new couple enjoys a lot with his/her new spouse. They make fantastic movements, give company to each other and think with the positive approach for each other. This time is considered the happiest time in their life but if they are sincere and loving then they can enhanced these peace and loving atmosphere for a long time while rekindling the emotions and feelings of each other.

Unique Ideas for Wedding Ceremonies

Unique Ideas for Wedding Ceremonies

You can memories your happiest feelings and approaches for each other. You work on the whole day then you came home and sit by the side of fire or get hot bath and remember your loving  moments being spent during honeymoon. The sweet memories of honey moon will bring smile on your face and you feel warm feeling and sympathy for each other. You can take care of each other and look after the well being and the likeness of each other so that you can respect and oblige for what he/she did for you.

1.       Avoid money-related arguments

Just like other, Kerry Hamm is a clinical social worker who practiced in Denver, Colorado and she said that there are some problems which anyone can face relating to money. During honeymoon, the matters relating to money should not be discussed. When honeymoon passes, then the realities and responsibilities are started and are increased which can create some problems for the couple so they manage their financial situation and should try to solve their financial problems amicably otherwise they can irritate both of them. If any of them is habitual arguing such matters then he/she should stop this habit.

2.       Practice Forgiveness

In the initial stages of marriage, both of them are ready to forgive the bad habits or mistakes of each other. But with the passage of time, their tendencies towards ignoring or forgiving the mistakes of each others are decreased and they can fight with each other quite easily. If they learn to solve their all problems amicably and politely then they will not face any problem whether due to finance or for other causes.

3.       Schedule Weekly Dates

Various experts have already worked on the marriage and family problems in which include is Lisa Thomas. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed clinical social worker and is a certified clinical sex therapist who worked in Denver, Colorado. She gave her expert opinion, according to which the wives should dedicate an hour in every week for her husband and they also give emotional date to their husbands which are quite necessary for their connubial relationships. If they reserve these dates regularly and give relief to each other with regular interval of time then they will not face any problems in their marriage life and give warm emotion to each other.

4.       Schedule weekly meetings

Today life is very busy and everyone has to work for long times and some of the people can work for more than one job at different places so they have no time to talk with each other during the whole working days of the week. There are also some burning issues which need immediate attention both of you and according to experts, these matters can be discussed on the weekends. If you give time to each other on the weekends then you will never any problems and you can solve all your problems and handle the matters amicable and politely. You should spare 30 minutes to one hour at least for each other to discuss your personal problems or matters.

5.       Have Plenty of Sex

Having sex is another enjoyment of life which is quite necessary for healthy and happy life. The honeymoon period not only invites you to relax but also invites you to have some intimation with each other. So the couple comes close to each other during their honeymoon period and they share their personal feelings with each other. Both of them should respect the emotional life of each other and they take care of each other’s sex life and demands which facilitate them and give them relax in their married life.

6.       Enjoy a shared interest

Just after marriage, most of the couples shared their interests, their goals, dreams and ideas with each other. They set their planning and working during honeymoon and feel excitement. At that time, they set their whole schedule and share their interest in life. If they respect the feelings and emotions of each other and help each other while facing different problems in their lives then they can warm up each other and support them in any crucial moment of life. This tendency and interest will help both of them to take care of each other and stay connected with each other for a long time or throughout their lives.

7.       Gussy up

On the honeymoon, the girls try hard to look elegant while doing their make up and decorate to please their husbands. Looking beautiful is the wish of every women and girls so they apply different types of make up accessories on their faces and other body parts. The new look and beautiful face and dress of wives pleased the husband and they feel satisfaction and coolness of mind by seeing their wives beautiful. The new and unique styles of dress and spraying the quality perfumes on their bodies will enhance their attraction and beauty.

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