Madonna hits back at Mandela, King ´bondage´ Pics0 Comments

Posted on 07 Jan 2015 at 8:17am

Pop star Madonna has at last replied to the criticism she had to face after she posted images of famous personalities with bondage to mirror on her Facebook page including Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and others.




Madonna’s upcoming album, “Rebel Heart”, shows an artwork in which there are black bands on the face of singer while the pictures of iconic personalities she posted on her Facebook page resemble her photo picture.

But this relationship of anti-racist leader Mandela and civil right activist Martin King with the popular indecent singer on her page shocked many persons and they replied furiously.

One such commentator remarked that it is one of the lowest points of Madonna.

The other comment was much harsher in which another said that these marks are appropriate for a sex-seller like Madonna but it should not be present on these honorable personalities.

But Madonna remained stubborn despite these comments and replied that she is not comparing herself with any of the famous personalities posted on her page including Martin, Mandela, Princess Diana, John Lennon and Joan of Arc but in fact her fans submitted these pictures.

On her answer, with lot of spelling mistakes, she said that she is not comparing herself with any of these personalities while she admires and acknowledges these personalities and one should not think it as a racism or disrespect.

She added that she also did these things with people like Michael jaclson (spelling mistake), marilyn monroe (small letters) and frida khalo (Frida Kahlo is correct) but it does not mean that she is comparing herself with them but in fact they also have rebel hearts.

She continued that she only posted these pictures while they were made by her fans and she would thank her fans if they also put her to the same degree as other people did.

In the end she wrote that it would be honor for her to reach even the 100th part of these personalities some day.

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