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Posted on 19 Apr 2011 at 10:59am

Melissa Rycroft used to be a contestant on the Bachelor but is no longer single since she is now married to Tye Strickland. The happy couple is now expecting their first child together, who is due in February of next year.

The former Dallas Cowboy‘s cheerleader has just told People magazine about the baby’s gender – it’s a girl!  Melissa Rycroft continues by saying:

“We know the sex of our baby. Now we can narrow down the names of only one  sex. Tai and I definitely did the name game, but we chose not defined one. We are the two possible names, so now it’s time for decision.”

Amazing wisdom!

Melissa Rycroft opens up more about her personal experience of being pregnant:

“Pregnant pull one thing that I really want to experience, and I do not have. My doctor says that sometimes people do not get to experience it. I have no traction, no disgust, no smells bother me, no morning sickness, anything like that. I really got lucky. Even without heartburn.”

The Dancing with the Stars contestant continues:

“All I got this stomach. I love it. I was excited that my body was going to do, but I try to eat healthy and maintain a kind of workout schedule so that the weight I put on a healthy weight. So far seems to work for me.”

Haha, super cute! Best wishes to Melissa and Tye!!  Good luck maintaining girlfriend, get some stuff for that stretch mark removal.

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