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Posted on 13 Jun 2013 at 5:16am

According to the reports John Mayer and Katy Perry are giving their romance another try after giving 2 chances.

Both of the stars are now dating again who got separated for the second time in March.

Some sources say that they are hanging out only and nothing else and making it look like something special.

Katy Perrt & Jhon Mayer Wallpaper

Katy Perrt & Jhon Mayer Wallpaper

The US reports reveal that after spending many nights together the couple was seen making a date on the weekend.

The guitarist John told the show hostess Ellen DeGeneres after many weeks after his breakup that life is beautiful and he has no worries without Katy Perry.

The guitarist further said that getting involved with someone is a difficult thing that is why I am doing the same as others do.

The hostess Ellen asked them either their breakup was for the benefit of both of them, the guitarist agreed with her.

Katy Perrt & Jhon Mayer Photo

Katy Perrt & Jhon Mayer Photo

The beautiful pop star is now enjoying her single life and is seen doing parties with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Previously Katy got married to comic star Russell Brand but their marriage only lasted for 14 months and they got separation on December 2011.

It is said without any doubt that Katy has strong affiliation with her ex as she constantly mentions about him and their splitting up as the report shows that whenever Russell was around Katy’s Ex got jealous.

According to the sources Russell and Katy have still contact with each other which pinches John a lot.

John was never a part of the relationship and was not focused at all, which was the thing that bothered him.

Katy Perrt & Jhon Mayer Picture

Katy Perrt & Jhon Mayer Picture

Obviously the most hurting thing for Katy Perry was that when she was in a relationship with John, he used to flirt with other girls even when she had a strong affiliation with her.

She stopped focusing on John as there was no comparison of him with Russell according to Katy and the reason being her content life with Russell which was not liked at all by John.

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