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Posted on 09 Jan 2013 at 9:42am

For the holiday two singers top pop with in one house, In  the home of Katy perry’s  parents  the Christmas carols sound will better than usual.

Katy Perry (L) and John Mayer

Katy Perry (L) and John Mayer

A Christmas Story attend by  Katy perry and John Mayer:  At Broadway’s Lunt Fontanne The Musical Theatre past this month.

This year The Christmas Carol party was held in the parents’ house of Katy Perry in a better way ever held before.

According to the reporter of People, the Crooner John Mayer was brought in the home by her 28 years old girlfriend “Firework” singer Katy to spend with her father and mother his holiday vacations.

Katy Perry's Merry Christmas

Katy Perry's Merry Christmas

They told the reporter of celebrity magazine about the holidays with the family. John told that he is happy to get close together with the Katy and likes to know much more of her family.

Christmas Celebrating By Celebrities, Shown in Photos

They have enjoyed each other company by spending lot of time together to restore their fizzle out earlier relationship this year.

The Daily News Confidential was told by an insider source of the house that she needs attention after separation which causes depression. She thought that it’s going to be serious matter as she likes him very much. The plans of Katy Perry might be right which was judged during the Christmas.

On last year Dec 30, a divorce trail from Katy Perry the 27 year pop star to her husband Russell Brand. This couple suddenly ends their 14 months marriage and spend their Christmas vacations on different places.

This side of Gene Simmons in the business of music the most infamous cad 35 years old Mayer previously having romance affairs with Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and other ladies. But on this Christmas he bound with Perry still better than previous year 2011. She and her husband Russell Brand a year before spend their vacations on the different places of the globe and the British pop star filed divorce trail in the court on Dec 30.

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