Miley Cyrus Adopts “Pretty Woman” Style of Miami0 Comments

Posted on 17 Jul 2013 at 9:17am

Miley Cyrus always immersed with different scandals and now she was narrow escaping from another ongoing scandal when she wore the dress of pretty woman. She has the massive wardrobe for her dresses but it does not matter that how she wears the dress and what is her age. She got the pretty woman dress and tweeted a picture. She made pose with her friend in front o mirror in the hotel.

Now she is going to perform in the Miami Music festival, which is going to be arranged there in Miami. She will perform there and provide enjoyment to her fans while singing her popular song ‘See you again’. She wants to use the hooker dress of Julia Robert and after the birth of Pretty Woman, she was born after two years. She wore the dresses of her choice but how can we say that what is the age perfect for the fashion and what is not.

Miley Cyrus Photo

Miley Cyrus Photo

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