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Posted on 07 May 2014 at 7:56am

After her severe allergic reaction, now Miley Cyrus is feeling quite better.
Earlier this month, the singer was hospitalized after Cephalexin, an antibiotic for flu, was rejected by her body but she said that she can’t wait to resume her ‘Bengerz’ tour and insisted she’s on the way to recovery.

Miley Cyrus is much better after reaction

Miley Cyrus is ‘much better’ after reaction

During an interview on 28th April, she said that she’s feeling good and quite better. She is happy to discharge from hospital as these 5 days she spent in hospital were so boring that she even bought a hot-pink mini skirt that she might never use.
She explained that she done too much online shopping during those days so that she could forget pain and during that she bought many such things which are questionable like this hot pink mini-skirt about which she doesn’t know what to do.
However, the riding on ambulance for the first time was one good thing that did come out of the heath scare, as insisted by the blonde beauty.
She joked that she was very excited because she went on her first ambulance ride.
Earlier this month, Miley was forced to reschedule dates of her US tour and now she’s looking forward to take next month stage in Europe. But she also admits that over the next 27 days, her allergic reaction can still flare up.
She explained the condition that the reaction can happen between 5 to 27 days and it can come back till 27 days but she’s feeling very good now.

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