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Posted on 07 May 2015 at 11:49am

Miranda Lambert is going to start the Country Living in June 2015 and she is going to show the cover story, which she is added in the southern lifestyle. She is now working with her husband, Blake Shelton. She has shared her story that she was born in Lindale Texas and there was a motto of ‘good country living’. The 31 years old superstar talked with the magazine and she says that she loves to his country very much.

The superstar says that she was living in the cities like Oklahoma, Tishomingo with her husband and this town is 2 hours away from the major city. She lived there for some time and she also enjoyed with peace and love in the country side. She further added that the peace in the countryside could give the natural approach. She performed in the song, ‘Mama’s Broken Heart and she said that her father told her to stay in the countryside. She has grown her own garden and she worked with her husband, Blake, who is really a good gardener. Both planted strawberry and tomatoes so that they can make jams. As she faced some problems, so she started this task.

She said that she relaxed in the living in countryside and she was inspired to write the songs and she wrote better song, when she was at home with her guitar and she felt calm and cool to look out the wide-open spaces and at the trees. You will be in perfect position to write the creative thing in this countryside working.

The blonde stunner artist worked with Reese Witherspoon and also performed with Sofia Vergara and they wrote a song, ‘Two of a Crime’, which is written for the new movie, ‘Hot Pursuit’ of the stars. She talked with Us magazine, weekly during the ACM Awards held in Texas and she said that this was the different experience and it was different from the previous work.

She told the magazine that you could write your own story, when you are the songwriter.  When the writers started writing the story of the movie, they thought about the characters of the movie, which are already working in the movie. She said that she felt is as the strange and wonderful experience and she wished to do the same again.

Lambert is the first guest editor of ‘Country Living’ and she said that her home in her childhood was not perfect but she got everything what she thought about. She further said that her home was condemned but her mother made it excellent. There were many problems in her home as they had carpet, which were not perfect and the halls were in bad shape. She further recalled that there were various little things, which were imperfect but her friends have good homes and they had pools in her home. But there was love in her home so her friends wanted to come to her home.

She had a pickup truck, which reminded her about her past life in the countryside. She had the candy apple red 55 Chevy truck and she had when she was 17 years old. She named her truck, Tammy, after the name of Tammy Wynette and it has the cassette tap in it and they used it to listen the music at her wedding ceremony but she refused to drive it till this time.

Miranda Lambert With Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert With Blake Shelton

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