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By zeeshan
Posted on 07 Nov 2016 at 7:14am

CoverGirl is back now with a completely now style now. The cosmetic brand has appointed a Muslim mascara clad girl Nura Afia as its new ambassador. Afia is a beauty blogger from Colorado who has more than 210,000 subscribers due to her tutorials on hijab styles, cosmetic everyday look and smoky eye makeup.

Nura Afia Cover Girl Signs Muslim Beauty Blogger

The brand said while launching its new signatories which include Afia, a 17 year old CoverBoy and others that all of their CoverGirls are ready to express their thoughts and believes with courage and it is the right sign of beauty.

The residents of New York City arriving at Times Square can see Nura with others like actress and model, Amy Pham, Beyonce’s students Halle Bailey and Chloe and James. This group of people with different backgrounds and races will present the equality and gathering of various races for the new creation of CoverGirl.

Nura Afia Cover Girl Signs Muslim Beauty Blogger

Like ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ and ‘Pat McGrath Labs’, CoverGirl is also trying to show and prove the most complete definition of beauty. But it is also true that it may not proceed to the next level due to the curvy and dark skinned model Khoudia Diop.

You can now get the famous blastPRO Mascara for just $8.99. On 14th November, the TV show of James and Nura will be released in which Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry will also perform.


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