Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik Cheating Rumors which Ruined Them0 Comments

Posted on 02 Apr 2015 at 11:40am

Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik

Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik

The 22 year old Zayn Malik may have give up One Direction in a disappointed effort to maintain hi fiancée, 21 year old Perrie Edwards from breaking up with him. Indeed, rumors regarding his out of control attitude along with groupies were so much for the Little Mix singer to control and they closely drove her away.

“wherever Zayn went Girls threw themselves at him and he all the time had a curious time mentioning no. “Perrie was all the time worrying about it, however this tour, he was worse than he has ever been before. People were mentioning to her things regarding him getting along other groupies and it got to the point where she counting on many staff that she was hearing from the people.”

It appears as though Zayn felt as he had go for her decision, whether the band or Perrie.

Our insiders admitted “it was do or die for Perrie.” “She did not tell him to leave the band, however she left him because she could not cope with all the madness anymore. Leaving the band was his response to her breaking up with him. He preferred to show her that she worths more than anything in the world to him. It is something he has been mention regarding for a long time, however getting dumped by Perrie made him to go through with it.”

And perhaps it worked because Perrie’s engagement ring is back on, she was appeared wearing her diamond band following meeting Zayn for the first time from time when he left 1D. do you think it means that a wedding is about to happen?

Insider mentions Closer Magazine “He has mentioned to Perrie that he will do anything to satisfy he and wants to cease pushing their wedding date back. He admits that he demands to get married throughout this year, however she is taking it a bit hard to let go of what she has seen.”

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