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Posted on 20 Apr 2016 at 7:33am

They were looking very cute and beautiful as like royal cuteness. Now the new photo of the member of the royal family is provided here, in which Prince George and he was looking beautiful. The viewers can see his beauty and you can read it to know about this new picture.

Now the Prince George is two years old and he is showing in the picture with Queen Elizabeth and Prince William and he has given his beautiful smile. The picture of the little prince will be featured on the stamps across UK. He was sitting with his father, Prince William, 33 years old, grandfather Prince Charles, 67 and the great Queen Elizabeth II, 89 and this picture was released on April 19.

Prince George Smiling Photo with Queen Elizabeth & Prince William

Prince George Smiling Photo with Queen Elizabeth & Prince William

In this photo, the Queen Elizabeth is seen with her three heirs, who will come up to throne and it was taken in the summer season in 2015 and it was used on stamp remembering on 90th birthday of the Queen Elizabeth. The royal family calls the small prince with the family name of Georgie and he was looking beautiful and happy showing his cute grin and he was standing up the four platforms near to his father. He knows how to make the pose and he was standing there holding the hand of his father.

This beautiful and dashing picture of the royal family was taken in White Drawing Room at the Buckingham Palace and Ranald Machechnie has taken this photograph. George is looking wearing the knee socks and blue color to match with his shorts and also wear the white button up shirt and black shoes. But his smile was exceptional of all things. This was the first time, when George appeared on a stamp the small did the memorable activities.

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