Priyanka Chopra Cover for April Falls Flat0 Comments

By zeeshan
Posted on 16 Mar 2017 at 4:59am

Since past few months, it looks that Marie Clarie is losing its standard due to release of few shaky covers with undesirable styles. The cover of magazine for March was beautiful due to strong pose by Scarlett Johannson but the April 2017 cover for Priyanka Chopra was really unappealing. Tesh was the photographer of the actress while she was wearing Gucci dress selected by Alison Edmond but she was looking quite uneasy and unattractive.

Many clearly showed their disagreed attitude about the cover. Benn98 was the first one to comment who criticized the face, hand pose and dress of the actress.  Bertrando3 said that she likes the actress but the cover was really unacceptable due to bad pose and styling along with unmatched and bad styled dress along with bad hairstyle.

Another forum member A.D.C said that she was made look average by them consciously. Honeycomb child with same types of sentiments said that they took lot of bad decisions for this cover as she is beautiful and this cover could be lot better than this one.

But few praised the cover. Srdjan admired the cover and said she is looking very beautiful. Megsaddict also had a positive review who said that Marie Claire knows how to use currently popular figures on its magazine cover. Vogue only selects upcoming models for its covers but MC chooses those relevant to their magazine and it has proved fruitful.


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