Rihanna and Drake are just friends?0 Comments

Posted on 23 Aug 2014 at 5:27am

Rihanna and Drake are just friends

Rihanna and Drake are just friends

According to reports, Drake and Rihanna are stabilizing their friendship. Twice this week, the couple who met and split multiple times was seen in New York City together. On 18th August 2014, both were sat in the Griffin nightclub side-by-side but their friends say they haven’t started their relationship so far.
A close source to 27-year-old Drake says that he and Rihanna can make the relationship again as they’re friendly and talk to each other but at the moment, there’s no such thing.
But by inviting the Canadian star in to her concert on 19th August, the ‘Stay’ singer heat up the speculations about the revival of their relationships.
According to a website, the 26-year-old singer danced and she along with him and then they enjoyed at the hotspots The Attic and 1Oak.
Lot of tensions emerged following their reunion in February after which the duo again breakup in May. At the time, a source said that she gave him the orders to go and he had to breakup.
But according to another insider, they could become together again because both are in love with each other despite their fight. They have been fighting again and again but reunited after sometime.

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