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By zeeshan
Posted on 03 Aug 2016 at 11:17am

Few months back, it was rumored that Rihanna will be coming to the September 2016 edition of W Magazine. Last time, she was shown on the magazine cover in 2014 and now she is bringing the same feelings back again and these moments are photographed by Steven Klein. It is the perfect thing for the fans of the singer as it is the second time that Rihanna is decorating the cover of W Magazine.

Mulletproof said that she has made the issue of September in a perfect way. She is a great model who knows about this art perfectly due to which she always produces best work.

Scotty said that Rihanna is better model than most of today’s models while TeeVanity praised her by saying that it’s difficult to wait for this issue as Rihanna has doen superbly with the support from Steven Klein.

Miss Dalloway also looked impressed as she says that this is one of the best cover of W Magazine after a long time while Valesco said that Rihanna really performed here well while the variety in the magazine is best. Pricciao also praised the performance of Klein for this beautiful photo shoot.

But there are also few who disliked the cover. YohjiAddict said that this cover is not right for him while Rihanna’s performance wasn’t up to the mark as she acted lower as compared to her previous performances. MDNA was also not happy as he thinks it is a repeat of several of her previous works.

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