Rihanna wants Chris Brown to ‘thrive’0 Comments

Posted on 12 Jun 2014 at 5:33am

Rihanna wants Chris Brown to ‘thrive’

Rihanna wants Chris Brown to ‘thrive’

As Chris Brown is out of jail now, so Rihanna wants him to make progress.
The singer is pleased that after remaining 108 days for violating his probation, her former boyfriend has been freed from jail but she remained at a distance from him, according to sources. A source told that she congratulated him on that matter and wants that he may change himself now but wants to remain at a major distance from him.
From 2008 until 2009 when he assaulted her, Rihanna dated Chris and they finally split in 2012 although they reconciled few times earlier.
Rihanna’s friends say that their relationship has completely gone now. The insider said that this chapter of life has gone a long way and they’re not becoming together again. Though she doesn’t hate him but this is the end of relationship.
Chris had been thrown out of rehab in March due to violation of rules while he was sent there on court orders. But now he’s determined to be a better person and wants to remain on right track.
He has also promised his bosses to take the medications for bipolar disorder and will try his best to remain sober.

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