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Posted on 11 Feb 2013 at 7:13am

Various couples have to face some problems in their sex lives as one of them does not feel satisfaction by having sex with his/her partner. If you also feel some problems having sex then you should see that what is the problem and what are the demands of your partner. The suitable day for checking the sex problems of your partners is valentine day as you can examine or discuss with your mate.

If such kind of problem exist in your life then what will be the solution of this problem. Or you should terminate the relationship with your partner or continue it with some better steps. If you are married and you also love with your partner then what should you do with this problem. When you feel unhappy with your marriage life then ending the marriage or separation is not the solution of the problem because in such case, both of you will have to bear the bad results of this situation. You should try to make it good by spicing up the things. You can improve intimacy with your partner. You should also consult with your doctors or concerned persons about your problems and discuss the way to cope with the situation. You should also read the related material which will help you in finding the solution of this problem. I will also share some tips with you which will help you in solving your problem which you are facing in your bedroom.

Engage in Foreplay

If you and your mate get involved in the activity at the early time then it will also create some problems with you and you may also feel problems in having sex with each other. You should remember that when you want to have sex, then you will have to get involved with your mate in the foreplay which will spice your relationship and you will be get hot in the meantime and your partner also. Intimacy with each other works well and it will give you an orgasm for the activity. But if you involve in the sex soon then there will be some grave problems for you and you will feel fail in your relationship.

There will be some playing with your mate or sending the message or something else or joking with each other. You can also tell your mate about your desires or demands which will help you in making preparations for having a sex. Then you can also manage your self for getting involved in the sex with your mate and give satisfaction to him/her.

couple bed square

couple bed square

Be Spontaneous

You should make plan for having sex then you start some activities which are necessary for successful sex with your mate. You should not take time to ask her for the activities well before in time but if you fail in communicating this well in advance then you will not feel success and inspite of it you will have to face failure. The well before activities will give you the pleasure and sense to please your partner and make his/her mind to keep ready for intimacy. You may also hold your mate by hand and take to the bed and make ready for the intimacy.

You should be spontaneous with your mate and do not involve in oral chat with your partner. There are some other ways which help you in your spontaneity.

v  You may take a lunch or dinner outside of the house.

v  You may also go for a picnic with your mate alone

v  If you are at work then you can pick your partner and go for a date

v  Go on some romantic place to have fun and enjoyment

v  You may also help her in washing her hair in the shower

v  If you want to have sex with your mate then you take initiatives early in the Saturday morning so that the whole day will be enough to make the mind of your mate.

v  While she is busy in kitchen is cooking food or washing the dishes or some other chores then you go behind her and give some kissing on her neck or back and pat on her shoulders.

v  You can also say something in the ears of your mate that what do you want to do with him/her and what is your demands or desires.

v  If you give some hot kissing to your mate then it will keep the passive alive for the whole day and it will give you enjoyment at night.

Talk About Your Fantasies

If there are some problems persist in your relationship then you should consider that what kind of these problems which you are facing and how they will be managed. You should sit in the lone place for some time and discuss about your fantasies or demands which you want from your mate and what do you want to do in the bedroom. What do you want to do, you should share with your partner. If you do not share your demands or fantasies with each other then your problems will be remained there.

Valentine Day Tips main

Valentine Day Tips main

Every person has some sexual demands or requirements and when these requirements are not fulfilled then they feel unhappy with their partner. If there is some problems with both of you then you should mend it in better way and let your partner do what he/she wants. The demands of your partner will he cleared. But you should keep in your mind that while discussing your problems or demands, you should not joke or make fun of each other and you whole discussion will remain positive. Listen to each other carefully and try to solve the problems which you are going to face in this situation.

Experiment in the Bedroom

The couples may also get enjoyment by doing the experiment of spicing up their demands and emotions. There are a lot of options which they can share with each other to make fun of each and enjoy the company of each other. In the beginning, the couples may also check different sexual positions to get enjoyment and also amused their partners. The new and different sexual position may infuse new life in their private relationships. They may also get enjoyment by some sex toys, pornographic or love videos which can also play the main role for their intimate relationships. This is most effective way to spice up the relationships by experimenting in the bedroom all the things which they want to do. You will have to learn the feelings and demands of each other and will have to respect for their emotions also.

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