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Posted on 21 Jun 2011 at 7:00am

Some artists cry, others rant, others sue – but Beyonce has remained philosophical about the news that her new album ‘4’ has been leaked.

Under the new album perezhilton Bey was released a month earlier than the date of issue, although the tracks are leaked every artist has a worst nightmare, Beyonce received messages in her step, and even said she appreciates the feedback from their fans.

He wrote that on the Facebook fan page: “My music has been released, and when it is not how I wanted to present their new songs, I appreciate the positive response from my fans,”

“When I record music I always think of my fans sing every note and dance to every beat. I make music to make people happy and I appreciate it all so eager to hear my new songs.”

It’s the first new batch of songs since she released ‘I Am… Sasha Fierce’ in 2008.

According to MTV News, first leaked tracks including her collaboration with Andre 3000 called “Party” and “Countdown,” which samples Boyz II Men song “Uhh Ahh”. Shortly after it appeared the entire album online. Her team was scrambled to take off the escape path, but with references appearing on Twitter, they label their work cut out for them!

What do you think? Have you ever wanted to listen to track release, or prefer to wait until the album release in full?

Meanwhile, why can not wait to hear the finished version of the new Beyonce song in the video below!

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