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Posted on 16 Feb 2016 at 9:32am

A source told us that Taylor Swift will fight with dignity and standard at the night of Grammy Award against her humiliation. Now when her name will be called in the biggest night of the year, Taylor Swift (26) will take a sweet revenge from Kanye West who immorally criticized her and later called her a liar. But Taylor Swift decided to retaliate in appropriate manner through her speech in 2016 Grammy Awards.

According to the plan by Taylor, she will say something in favor of women’s rights if she wins Grammy Awards, especially for her song “Bad Blood”. Taylor wants to say something in positive tone instead of retaliating in a negative way like Kanye West as she is a feminist.

In his latest rap song “Famous”, Kanye made few controversial statements about Taylor after which Taylor decided to retaliate in a graceful manner. The insult of Kenye was shocking for Taylor as she was not expecting him to say such words against her or any other woman and she decided to use the platform of Grammy Awards to get the world’s attention but she doesn’t want to give any importance to Kanye with her approach.

Taylor has also asked her friends Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran and others not to say anything about the situation during Grammy’s but she knows that not everyone will be sympathetic to her in the current situation and people like Nicki Minaj might favor Kenye West during the awards.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

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