‘That’s my dress’ says Central Coast woman Jennie Smith of Kate Middleton’s bridal gown0 Comments

Posted on 24 May 2011 at 10:42am

WHEN Jennie Smith married her husband Kevin in 1954 she never expected that she would see what she believes is a replica of her wedding dress adorn the possible future Queen of England.

Like millions of people around the world, Mrs. Smith, of Avoca Beach on the Central Coast, sat down last Friday night to watch the royal wedding.

But when he saw Catherine Middleton out of the car Westminster Abbey his jaw just hit the ground.

“I spoke with my friend on Monday before the wedding and I said that I bet she would wear a dress like Grace Kelly, ” said Ms. Smith’s Central Coast Express Advocate.

“I never thought that my own dress, but when I saw her out of the car I just started screaming – ‘this is my dress, which is my dress’.


“I could not believe. I mean, there are some differences, but it looks almost exactly like my dress. Just like my Catherine was dressed in lace on the bodice, seed pearl buttons, a cap sleeve and a train pond. The only real difference was the skirt and the cuffs and my dress was semi-pearl buttons on the front. ”

Unlike dress of Catherine, Mrs. Smith was not done by an international designer for her wedding Willoughby.

“I actually had the design for my dress in my head,” she said.

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