The Daily Shuffle: Charlie Sheen Sells Out Shows0 Comments

Posted on 04 Apr 2011 at 10:21am

  • Hey guys!Guess who sold out two shows at Radio City Music hall in less time than it takes for Ticketmaster to load your tickets? This guy. No, not that guy. This guy. No, the guy over there. God you are so dense sometimes. Charlie Sheen you fuckwad. Try to be clever around here and you go and ruin it. You ruin everything. No wonder Mom started drinking after you were born.


  • Apparently Rebecca Black actually reads the comments on Friday’s Youtube page because some of the mean things you nasty people said really upset her and made her cry. You guys! How could you do that to her? She’s such a sweet little girl who just wants to hang out with her friends. Who cares if she has trouble deciding where to sit in a car? Good job people. Good. Job. Black also mentioned that she would LOVE to do duet with Justin Bieber. I never thought I would say this, but Bieber is way too talented to sing with that chick. Oh wow, I just cyber-bullied Rebecca Black. I’m part of the problem?! Existential crisis!


  • Further proof that karma exists: a writer for Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns had his car explode. That’s what you get for bringing into the world more of Tyler Perry. What’s that you say? That’s cyber bullying too? Have you seenMeet the Browns? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’m doing the world a favor.


  • Happy Hung-Over Day! These lovely animated Chang .gifs dispersed throughout (what do you mean you didn’t click any of them? AW HELL NAH BITCH) are courtesy of ScreenJunkies in celebration of Community’s renewal! Even more reason to celebrate because its

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