The Daily Shuffle: Mariah Carey OK After Labor Scare0 Comments

Posted on 05 Apr 2011 at 9:58am

  • Mariah Carey is home from the hospital, after she started experiencing contractions on Saturday night. She was treated for premature labor and sent home, but not before tweeting, “So #dembabies really wanted 2 celebrate w/us/share the anniversary!” Yep, you caught ‘em, Mariah. Either that, or they’re just ready for their diamond encrusted iPods.


  • Michael Lohan  does not  approve  the decision of his daughter  Lindsay  to the  abolition  of the  “Lohan”  from its name. He said: “I ​​am proud of the name Lohan. It is a name of integrity. Everyone was very successful job on Wall Street. My father was an incredible provider. my sisters are pillars of the community. There is a stain on my outside my family. “I would really like to enter a jousting match with these six suggestions.


  • Mommy Katy Perry has written a book about how sinful bitch daughter. Samples from that printed in the New York Post,  as “Katie stepped out from behind the change in camera in a tiny suit indecent There mother wants to see the top of her daughter’s boobs … My first instinct was to order her back. behind these doors and demand that he put something else  on … But I had no problem letting my eyebrows  to say that would not allow  my mouth  to say. “Also noteworthy.”Recognize the psalmist gift in performance even sang out, «I Kissed a Girl,  and I  liked it, and thousands joined in a piece of my heart soared … the other broke in the thousands. feed the hungry souls, something that  nourishes  the spirit, but eat their flesh. “

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