The Unlikely Inspiration Behind Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Hair0 Comments

Posted on 17 Jul 2014 at 5:05am

The Unlikely Inspiration Behind Jessica Simpson's Wedding Hair

The Unlikely Inspiration Behind Jessica Simpson's Wedding Hair

Jessica Simpson was out of our radar for quite some time until she recently appeared as a summertime bridal beauty that we were looking for. Especially her hair color was fine. It’s slightly more champagne than a typical sun-kissed blonde look but below platinum.
The color is described as ‘baby blonde’ by her colorist Rita Hazan as it gives the unlikely inspiration for the color and is fitting. Simpson wanted to match the hair color of Maxwell, her 2-year-old daughter. For the color requests, it’s quite heartwarming. This color is not natural for adults whereas it is about the blonde hair of children. But it’s not quite uncommon apparently. Many admired colorists told us that lot of their high-profile clients wants to make their hair similar to the colors of their offspring.
But this is not one of the easy color changes. Before developing this hue, Hazan start preparing hair of Simpson six months earlier. And she used delicate highlights that created dimensional feel in order to make it look natural. To keep the hair cool throughout the process, Simpson washed her hair with Ultimate Shine Color Gloss by Rita Hazan. Hazan said that the hair became more natural-looking, timeless and paler.

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