This Athlete Killed It On The Red Carpet0 Comments

Posted on 24 Jul 2014 at 5:27am

We feel pleasant to go to the gym and start practice there. This happens because of the American ninja warriors and gets the appreciation. Lolo Jones in the superstar in this field and she has done it on the red carpet the last night.

The regular success of Jones has shown that this can be possible with the use of the complementary her outfits to get the athletic Olympian shape. She was dressed in the all black color scheme and this classic dress has the wide legs, and the pant was high waist. This dress shows her small waistline, creative curves, and has the muscular quad on her linear frame. She does not add the tailored top or jacket but added the crop top along with the wide sleeves. The dress was on the spread on her wide shoulders and arms.

They can get the motivation from the athletes during their performance in their sports and now we can get much experience and inspiration with their off duty appearances. The women will have to see the amazing look with their muscles and they can also wear the crop top & it can be empowered as the blazer.

This Athlete Killed It On The Red Carpet

This Athlete Killed It On The Red Carpet


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