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Posted on 15 Jun 2017 at 4:37am

Makeup artist is a serious job with dressing around dozens brides in a day along with experimenting different looks and beauty trends on different models. Hifsa Khan is one such artist who chose to be a part of makeup career a decade ago. In 2009, Hifsa turned from a banker to a makeup artist and she is now quite a famous name in Lahore.


Hifsa told that it was a difficult decision for her to change her profession but she decided that after her own experience as a bride as it is the most important day for any bride and she needs a true professional who would hear her and provide complete guidance to her. Her style is quite unique as they made brides look like dolls on their important day.


Hifsa added that they apply a selective strategy to attract people which include five important points. The first thing is providing consultation to the bride about their look according to their dress and jewelry. Secondly, they select hairstyle according to their face through essential hair demo. In the next step, they provide consultation on skin, body and hair to make improvements. Fourthly, a post photo shoot touch up is also provided to brides in order to make them look shining and confident while entering the wedding venue. In the end, few quick tips are also provided to the bride to fix her makeup in case a problem occurs after she leaves the salon.


Hafsa prepares 10 to 12 brides daily. Today’s main problem is the complete dressing of brides on every wedding function which reduces her charm on the main day. Due to proper dressing of guests on all occasions, bride also has to get complete makeup on minor functions like ‘mayoun’ which is a wrong practice.

Hifsa said that trying to make clients fairer than their original color is the biggest mistake made by the bridal industry as natural skin tone should always be maintained. One can be made a shade lighter but complete change in color is ridiculous.

Her greatest tip for the girls is less is more as maximum results can be achieved by having less makeup. Makeup should never be used as a cream. Fake eyelashes look very beautiful on girls. In this summer, the focus should be on light makeup and medium coverage of foundation.

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