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Posted on 11 Jun 2013 at 6:40am

The reason due to which the bikini advert of Pamela Anderson was banned the advertising chief of the watershed was that it seemed to be debase to the women and was a raunchy advert.

According the Advertising Standards Authority (A.S.A) the bikini advert of Pamela Anderson could have caused serious offense to some viewers and was extremist as well.

Pammie is playing a company boss role in this add who is the Baywatch legend is chairing a meeting in this add and one of her colleague starts day dreaming for almost 13 seconds about her during the meeting.

An attractive brunette assistant is seen in the 13 second dream in which she offers creams in the coffees of the group.

Pamela Anderson Hot Bikini Photo

Pamela Anderson Hot Bikini Photo

After that two women are seen dancing in Gold Bikini and the cream is dropped over them in the meanwhile with Cheesy Soul Song played.

The clip gets an interruption after 45 seconds when a question was asked by the former Baywatch star to her colleague to bent down and show her cleavage which she does afterwards.

The ASA decided not to broad cast the advertisement again before 9pm when it received complaints from four viewers.

According to the Dreamscape Networks Anderson and her assistant in the advertisement are shown dynamic, attractive and confident business representatives deliberately.

It was assumed by them and they said that the tongue in cheek would have thought as humorous and fanciful by most of the viewers.

Pamela Anderson Hot Bikini Picture

Pamela Anderson Hot Bikini Picture

It was said by the ASA that they understand that the intention behind this was to make a light hearted advert and they didn’t intend to show women as sexual objects in the advert.

As this add could have serious consequences for some viewers and it portrayed a negative image of women there we agreed to ban this add, according an ASA Spokesman.

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