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Posted on 07 Aug 2015 at 12:09pm

I have a mission to dress up Caitlyn Jenner and I will not stop till I approach my target. I enjoyed dressing up Cait while she was Bruce for one the Kardashians, annual Christmas cards, the one David LaChapelle shot. I just deal with her in such capacity, however her story and transformation has entirely fascinated me.

For us, her transformation apparently it happened overnight. She performed the interview for Diane Sawyer and then after disappearing for a second then emerged on the cover of Vanity Fair, after that she suddenly got boobs. That was interesting to watch her debut. While I primarily saw her on the cover, I was like, “Who’s she? Everybody mentioned, “Is that Jessica Lange who is that? After that we sudden, Oh My God, that is Caitlyn Jenner.

I loved the shoot for Vanity Fair cove. Jassica Diehl did an incredible task, to dress up Caitlyn and he appears very attractive, stunning and happy. Although I am entirely obsessed along with basically everything she sported.

The thing that I love regarding her style till now is how classic it is. In the country the transformation of gender is something new for some people and actually she was dressed up on classic silhouettes, such as her attractive wrap dresses, it really light up her stylishness and turn her out more applicable. She can go to lunch along with ladies, she can go to gala sporting a dress or be in her jeans and a bit flats and a T-shirt and appear pretty and attractive.

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