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The style and work of Agent Porvocateur is liked by the people from Soho to Vegas because of its feminine touch. Agent Provocateur, inventors Serena Rees and Joseph Corre have established their company in 1994 have started working on the under wear market with excellent and appealing designs and styles. It was very astonishing news when someone goes shopping in one of their boudoir-esquie stores due to the reasons that shopping comprises of crothless panties, sequin pasties or fluffy high-heeled slippers.


We will surely not find because the Agent Provocateur is cute and dashing as a cupcake in her baby pink shirt dress which was designed by Vivienne Westwood, who is Joseph’s mother, swears not to tell the secret things about VIP dressing rooms.

Both husband and wife Rees (born 1968) and Corre (born 1969) give the lingerie the design in entire range of fit-for-a-glamour goddess including items, jewelry lipsmacking leather pieces, footwear and stocking. A perfumed was introduced in 2000 which won the award following the wealth of bathroom and bedroom fashion items like candles, lotions and nipple balm.

Agent Provocateur showed his passion in everything by displaying of racy window in their boutiques and a retail website which is equally welcomed. The products of Agent Provocateur not only displayed in the most attractive bedrooms but also his products were included in V&A’s Cutting Edge exhibition in 1997 and in ‘The Inside Out’ exhibition at the Design Museum in 2000.

Agent Provocateur is always conducted sexual liberation all in nice taste by his commercial which is popular among adults, well received CD of their music projects, Peep show of 2004 or coordination with Marks & Spencer and Tate Modern.

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