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Christian Dior is a legend rather than a trademark. The name of Christian Dior was considered a symbol of seduction, creativity and girlish in luxury products. His first stock was exhibited in 1947, the people fall in the category of trendsetters, celebrities and film stars just like Duchess of Windsor, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and her fans, along with people desires for modern designs and top quality stick to designs of Dior. Everything bearing the name of Dior, indicates the decent style, shape and appearance of the legendary founder.

LVMH Group looks after the manufacturing of luxury products pertaining to the house of Dior since 1987.
Its first collection was exhibited in 1947. Christian Dior set up popular fashion house. Christian Dior was born in 1905 in France and died in 1957. He opened fashion gallery in 1931 with his friend Jacques Bajean. In 1938 he started working as a designer in the fashion gallery of Robert Pique. He made coordination with Pierre Balmain at Lucien Lelong after returning from the World War II. In 1946 he created his own trademark and set up fashion studio in the Montaigne Avenue in Paris after receiving enough funds.

Dior introduced new inductions in female fashion with his very first Paris collection called ‘New Look’ in 1947 which was vey soon spread to New York. His designs specifying rounded shoulders, waist and very full skirt which gives them freedom and enjoy the beauty of human body especially whole female body. After war, his excellent stock made him popular by spreading of his brand into furs, perfumes and items. Dior made tremendous developments in the fashion industry by induction of ready to wear in his Dior Boutique in 1950. Dior made Paris the cultural capital of the world by his genius work. Dior and his partner Jaques Rouet, settled license agreements in the fashion business. He started working with licensed production of furs, socks, ties, perfumes and clothing by spreading quickly around the world and uplifted the name of the brand in 1948.
Christian Dior died in Italy in 1957 due to natural death and Yves Saint Laurent was promoted to head designer of the house. Many well reputed designers including Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre and John Galliano were associated with this brand
Galliano was known as the current enfant terrible of the fashion business and responsible for Givenchy for the last two seasons before joining to Doir. The approach of Galliano was familiar with Dior by expressing romantic and very girlish appearance. Galliano converted the trademark of Christian Dior into a n idol for comfort lovers.
Presently Dior is managing 60 boutiques in the globe in which 15 are in Japan. Ready-to–wear stocks are sold exclusively in the Dior boutiques. Other outlet owners deal in licensed Dior items like eye-wear, lingerie, ties, baby clothing, perfumes, and other products. Marketing surveys tell us that Dior is the most widely well reputed brand in fashion industry. Dior is a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture et du Pret-a-Porter.


Christian Dior handbags

Christian Dior, the world’s finest design fashion house, has designed such exclusive and outstanding handbags. Gorgeous Dior bags specifies attractive and enchanting details. Dior handbags are the essence of beauty & style. Thus it is wonderfully bearing the logo of the brand which is recognizable and handbags is popular almost everywhere.

Christian Dior sunglasses

The classy sunglasses made of Christian Dior helps you to accessorize your face in ultra-modern style. Christian Dior stock of sunglasses is traditionally very fashion-forward, having sleek style and affordable for the client of the day. Dior brand has been modernized every time and the victorious collections are also pacing on rectangular frame fronts in flat metal and combination frames.

Christian Dior Watches

Christian Dior watches are often manufactured by the best Swiss watchmakers. Each Christian Dior watch is original, having exclusive and jubilant appearance, reflects your personality. It crowns an outfit, displaying the exclusive touch of French elegance that is so appreciated around the world.

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