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Posted on 16 Jul 2012 at 5:59am

Fendi was set up in 1925 which was founded by Adela Fendi in Rome Italy from a small leather goods shop and a work room. She and her husband Eduardo dealt in leather garment with their customers in their Fendi Empire. This most popular and well reputed business is known for big furs and little hand bags started as a family business and spread throughout the world. They decided to set up a large store in 1946 but could not make progress till the death of her husband. After some time their five daughters joined the business and they inculcated some new ideas of fashion and designing to give this company glamour and excellence.

After the death of their beloved mother, Adela in 1978, five daughters decided to arrange business by adopting a corner of the business by each sister to look after and develop their paternal business. Paola who was the eldest sister, born in 1931 started working with furs, Anna, next to eldest sister, born in 1933 started dealing ion leather goods, Franca who was born in 1935 dealing in commercial relations, Carla, born in 1937 started controlling business co-ordinations and Alda, the youngest sister, born in 1940 have started sales of the finished products. By the end of ‘80s, Fendi became the name of luxurious goods producers. During the decade of 90, company again focused on Adela Fendi’s traditional goods and the name of the company again got popularity among its customers.

In the middle of 90s, LVMH and Prada purchased 51 percent stake in the brand and after that LVMH has become its sole partner in 2001. Now the daughter of Anna Fendi, Maria Silvia Venturini Fendi, born in 1960 created the Fendissime line in 1987 and then she also started designing accessories and men collection. Karl Lagerfeld was the chief designer of the company who continued working with these sisters from 1965 and also with Maria Silvia.

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