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Giorgio Armani has been working in fashion industry since last five decades and he is not only working as fashion designer but also an institution, and a billion dollar brand.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

Armani was born in 1934 in Piacenza in Northern Italy. In the beginning he studied medicines at the university and completed his national services. After doing his work as buyer in Milanese department store La Rinascente, his services were hired by Nino Cerruti for designing of menswear line k known as Hitman. After passing many years as freelance designer he established Giorgio Armani brand with his partner Sergio Galeotti.

Armani’s specialty is the jackets for both male and female for which a womenswear line was started in 1976 which has transformed the traditional tailoring and since late ’70s, his dresses got popularity smong people opf all classes. Men like to wear his relaxed suits and decent colour palette of neutral beiges and greys. His designs for ladiers were got appreciation for androgynous and modern elegance. The dresses wore by Richard Gere’s suits in American Gigolo’ in 1980 were a master piece of the designer which was covered by Time magazine in 1983.

The brand now constitutes six main fashion lines and has been used into bedlinen, chocolates and even hotels. Armani has been awarded with numerous awards comprising of an Honorary Doctorate from the RCA in 1991 and from 2000 his designs have been showcased in a marvelous fashion show that has got popularity worldwide. Armani has also got popularity in Hollywood and the exhibition of his ‘Giorgio Armani Prive’ was held in Paris since January 2005, an haute couture-like collection.

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