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Posted on 21 Jul 2012 at 5:34am

Jil Sander is well reputed for her pure and understated type of fashion. The designer, born in Germany, exhibited her stock for females in 1973 which was associated very close to ‘90s minimalism. He established her shop in Hamburg at the age of 24 years only, used cloths and other materials associated with men collection for her female dresses indicating the finest taste that was haunting throughout her fashion business, for lengthy period signature design is the suitably cut whiter shirt and the trouser suit.

Jil Sandar is also known for development and for using of high tech and comfortable suitings. She designed clothes in proper proportions and a loyal and decent working lady known for pretty having clean lines over apparent sex attraction.

She exhibited her cosmetics collection in 1979 under title of Jil Sander Cosmetics and then showcased her leather stock in 1984. The company started trading in 1989 rapidly and then the extension period of the company was approached with tremendous stores in Paris, Milan, and New York in the beginning of ‘90s. The company exhibited its for menswear collection in Milan. The Jil Sander clothing was highlighted as contrast in the corporate history of the company.

Prada Group has purchased a lot of shares in 1999 in Jil sander AG and next year she was quitted from her own company. But she was declared good creative director of fashion industry for male and female dresses. In 2003 she again joined her own company and for the next three seasons she exhibited her stunning and dazzling dresses by displaying her collections. In November 2004, she was again exited from her company and Prada Group again took hold of the brand. The teams of studio designers whom got training directly from Sander took over the control for a period but in May 2005 the company had announced for the appointment of Raf Simons as new artistic director of the brand.

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