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By zeeshan
Posted on 23 Jul 2016 at 10:13am

The women and girls like to wear astonishing and wonderful dresses on their wedding day. The fashion and trend for the preparation of beautiful dresses for women is varied from one nation to other nation and one country to other country. The women living in Pakistan, wear the red colored dresses and they are prepared with heavy embroidery and embellishment of pearls, stones and little jewelry pieces. The women and girls wear jewelry and they also have heavy makeup to make them beautiful and stunning. The brides of Indian are also get ready in the similar fashion and they like to wear shining and wonderful dresses on their marriage day.

The brides of Japan like to wear white color dress on their big day and they can big cap in the same color over their heads, which can show their significance on this big day. This bridal wear dress is called Kimono and it can be available at different rates. The Korean girls like to wear the bridal wear dresses, which is called ‘Banbook’ and it is added with the jewelry piece, which they wear on their forehead. The Chinese girls like to wear red colored bridal wear dress, which is considered the sign of blessing and it is sacred for them. The brides in Norway like to wear the bridal wear dress, which is called Bonad and they also like to keep a crown over their heads.

The girls of Kazakistan like to wear the bridal wear dress, ‘Sokailay’ and they also like to wear the headband, which is prepared in shape of crown and it is provided with pearls and stones in the crown. The brides in Kenya are prepared with the red color painted on their face and they remain busy in various wedding ceremonies for the whole day. The brides of Morocco are prepared with the bridal wear dresses and they have crown over their heads, which can enhance their beauty. Their customs of wedding are continued for several days.


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