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Posted on 24 Jan 2018 at 7:31am

Perfect Nails.

Perfect Nails.

When you attend any formal party, wedding ceremony or attend the fashion gala or any gathering in which large number of guests are invited or you pat the cute and little kid anywhere and at any place, the people notice the thing first is your nail. The best looking nails will give the best and attractive impact of your personality.

Both the nails

Both the nails


Most of the women and girls think that it is better way to use false or fake nails and during last two decades, the use of fake nails and nail arts has become common and popular among the women and girls. The fake nails are the most economical and pain free solution but they can choose the acrylic or the gel nails, which are common among the women.

Gel Nail Art Or Acrylic Nail Art

Gel Nail Art Or Acrylic Nail Art

red Nails

red Nails

Acrylic nails are popular and it becomes hard, when it is exposed to air. The liquid monomer is applied on the natural nails and it is followed by the use of powder polymer to let the nail get attached to natural nails. The gel nails need to use of color polish, base coat or the top coat to attach with natural nail. The acrylic nails have the hard exterior, when they are taken in the UV light and each coat is treated in UV light for one or two minutes.


The acrylic nails can be used for 7 to 8 months and there is no trouble and they are also very economical. The Gel nails need are repaired, fixed or changed in fortnight or during a month.


The Acrylic nails are soaked off to remove and gel nails need continuous filling. The different versions of soak can be pocket friendly.


Acrylic nails, which are fixed or broken, they can be repaired at home easily and the glue is the best ally to fix the broken nail. The gel nails are hard to break. You can get complete nail look and you will have to go to manicurist every time, when the nail breaks.


The acrylic nails have strong odour and the pregnant women should avoid use of such acrylic nails. The gel nails have no fumes and odour and they are suitable eco-friendly and women can avail the best option of the gel nails.

Shelf Life

Acrylic nails can be used to 7 to 8 months and you need to take care of them properly. The gel nails need proper care and you need to visit to manicurist regularly. It can last up to a month if they are taking care properly.


Acrylic nails are strong and hard and they are not flexible. There are the chances of breaking the nails more than the gel nails. The gel nails are strong than acrylic nails and also flexible. They have few chances of breaking.


The Acrylic nails do not have the natural look than the gel nails. The gel nails need natural and shinier look to give wonderful looking.

Damage to Nails

Acrylic nails are damaged due to constant and elongated use of the nails. These nails become home due to some fungal infections on the nail bed. The gel nails are also damaged and the nails tend to become dry and they also lost the moisture and they also damage the nail wall.


The Acrylic nails tend to come off with constant exposure to water or other liquid. When you immerse the finger in water and touch the water, gel nails will give good looking and it also proves to be better option.

nails style

nails style

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