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By zeeshan
Posted on 30 Nov 2016 at 12:13pm

Modeling is known as one of the world’s most difficult and dangerous professions as you are showing your face and body in front of the whole world while doing difficult tasks for long time which sometimes are used just once.

But you can take it to the next level by adding the element of risk in it. The picture may look simple but it might not produce the whole struggle and danger that was put to get the perfect shot.

Movie “Nerve” has now released on DVD and Blu-ray after which we decided to show few of the most heroic shots that could also prepare you to take such shots on cliffs or with sharks. Few of the most daring photo shoots are presented below.

The Shark Photoshoot

It’s almost impossible for any person to go to the ocean if he/she knows about the presence of sharks in there but few are even ready to have a pose with them. In the Philippines, models Roberta Mancino and Hannah Fraser took shots with 30 feet long shark at 25 feet underwater.

The planning of the shoot for total 5 hours was made by photographers Kristian Schmidt and Shawn Heinrichs for which they took four months. They did that by knowing about the sharks through local fishermen who have formed a bond with these animals. The shooting was arranged to rise awareness about stealing of these sea giants.

The Model Who Scaled Cliffs

Model Kristina Marie Folcik-Welts had a photshoot showing her level of the cliff in windy weather during which she managed to keep calm. This shot during such windy conditions was the idea of photographer Jay Philbrick and his wife.

He told that it was a problem while standing on the edge of cliff in such wind but they were sure that it will not blow her away. The photographer had already climbed this cliff but they weren’t sure about getting the model and the luggage with them.

The Russian Daredevil Who Takes Rooftop Shots

Perhaps the most daring model is the Russian Angela Nikolau who shoots her daring pictures at various occasions. We can saw her picture while she is on the rooftop and looking the city below. She takes most of her pictures herself because it’s difficult for others to accompany her in such conditions. Her Inatagram page is full of such daring pictures.

The Gravity-Defying Chamonix Mountains Shoot

It seems that few models think that they have no problem with gravity and it is proved by one such model and dance teacher Agathe Petrini who climbed the alpines and poses while hanging of cliffs during which she also managed to get few dance moves. It took 5 hours to complete while the pictures were taken by adventure photographer Alex Buisse.

The Underwater Stingray Shoot

Stingrays are very dangerous as we know they were the cause of death for famous adventurer Steve Irwin. Therefore, it was difficult to believe that this model swim with them and came out of water unharmed. Rava Ray is a Tahitian model commonly known as ‘Stingray Queen’ who took shots with this creature and told that she was bitten by accidently just once.

She told that she neither made it dangerous for herself or for the animal as she played in safe.

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