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Posted on 03 Jul 2015 at 8:07am

The Giorgio Armani Group has signed out a cooperation contract along with Chinese Real estate company Smart Hero Group. This partnership is for a residential project in Beijing’s Smart Hero-Central Park Plaza complex. It’s expected to launch by the end of 2017.

Armani Casa is to design the regular areas and facilities, also many modern apartments within the eco building expected by architect Ma Yansong, who included a luxury, urban artistic along with the Chinese traditional touch of harmony among the man and nature.

Giorgio Armani mentioned, “I am so cheerful to cooperate on the development of this multifaceted in Beijing, which is among the most attractive cities across the world.” “The Chinese perception of Union of Nature and Man ideally fits the artistic I made for Armani/Casa, which continually at developing sense of hormone inside the indoor space whereas regarding their natural framework. The concept of comparing an artistic made by people along with natural equipment and shapes shows up for me at the final contemporary magnificence.

Few of the Armani/ Casa Interior Design Stadio’s latest projects are such as the Macka Residences in Istanbul and the World Towers in Mumbai.

Armani to Design Residences in Beijing

Armani to Design Residences in Beijing

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