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Posted on 07 Jan 2013 at 9:30am

Aquarius to Aries Horoscope Compatibility

Aquarius to Aries Horoscope Compatibility

The relationship between the Aquarius and Aries is very interesting, splendid and affectionate. Both of them will enjoy the company of each other as both of them love with fun and excitement. Most of the personality traits are common in both of them but Aquarian needs more space which may create some problems between them. An Aquarian will support the flexibility of an Arian and the Arian will also praise the creativity and new and unique ideas of an Aquarian.

Compatibility of Aquarius Man and Aries Woman

Aries woman is very short tempered and she takes time to cool down. But she is very exciting as she is fun loving and energetic. An Aquarius man has enough sense of adventure and his unconventional ways can mesmerized the Aries woman. Having with a lot of qualities, an Aquarius man will find very dynamic life. Aquarius man is not punctual and obedient. He also like freedom and believe in giving freedom to his woman.

Compatibility of Aquarius Woman and Aries Man
An Aries man very romantic and passionate and will keep the Aquarius woman interested. Both of them will greatly enjoy the physical relationship with each other. They like to become socialize with their friend and relatives. Aries man also need privacy and he does not like interference. Aquarius woman also require handling the anger of Aries man and cooling down his temperament calmly. Aquarius woman has the charm of originality and flexibility of Aries man.

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