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Posted on 10 Jan 2013 at 6:49am

Aquarius to Gemini Horoscope Compatibility

Aquarius to Gemini Horoscope Compatibility

According to the Astrology, an Aquarian is curious for the sense of humor of Gemini. They have same idea and experience about life so the compatibility of their relationship is strengthened. The Geminian will appreciate the creativity of the Aquarian. In return, Aquarian gives freedom to his counterpart. But their natures cannot be predicted and both have to face some problems in their compatibility. An Aquarian should be master in romance to keep up the passion of Geminian.

Compatibility of Aquarius Man and Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman and an Aquarius man love adventures. They do not like making plans and sticking to rules and regulations. Their compatibility is further strengthened by their desire for more variety in life. Aquarius man is the one who can cope up with a Gemini woman. They do not yield to the help of words to know their partner’s thoughts and feelings as they understand each other in a perfect manner. They both are moved and inspired by each other.

Compatibility of Aquarius Woman and Gemini Man
the love match between Aquarius woman and a Gemini woman is called a true love match. Both of them appreciate and admire the qualities in each other. Both Gemini man and Aquarius woman like to change and variety. Both of them are intellectual and like to indulge in meaningful conversations. They like to walk pacing with each other and search new ways of life. Gemini man and the Aquarius woman have great physical chemistry. Both of them are not only good partners but also good friends.

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