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Posted on 03 Jul 2012 at 8:49am

Aries are generally identified by their headstrong nature
They possess great leadership qualities. Courage reflects from the readiness, for action, in the people born under Aries. They will be pushed into a unique position because of your desire for excitement. Their confidence compels people to follow you while you lead. They fight for anything which you believe to be important. They remain committed to face their fears and defeat them. Difficulties may enter into them due to impulsive actions. They could suffer due to false commencement as you do not collect sufficient information beforehand, probably due to your impetuous nature. In fact, Arians are very good in the beginning that they start working on their next project without completing the previous one. Their maturity assists them to slow down their reaction time to take time to think about the consequences of your actions.

Aries Key Planet- Mars
Mars is known as the god of war which is not only about fighting but also about going somewhere else. They must fight with anyone who creates hindrance in their path, to carry on their journey. Mars is like the gas pedal of our bodies. It denotes the way we progress in life. Mars gives indications about the ways in which we manifest out basic energy. This key planet of Aries reminds us that “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”

First House: Self
The world is our first house which gives us our physical appearance. But we are what we bring to a situation and how we are perceived by others. It not only shows our childhood but also the commencement of any activity or even the beginning of a new relationship.

Aries Element: Fire
A fire gives heat and light. One candle can lighten up a room and it will not burn faster even if ten people read from its light. Fire has not future planning. Fire burns the available fuel without judgment. Due to this reason fire signs can depend on their intuition and survival instincts.

Aries strength
Their strong belief is that courage is mastery of fear, is your strength. The ability to overcome fear is their biggest strength.

Aries weakness
They do not complete their task what they start.

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