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Posted on 03 Jul 2012 at 10:32am

A Leo is generous at heart and an Aries is open to life. They share the same likes and dislikes, both fond for fun, romance and excitement. A Leo respects the need of an Arian for freedom because an Arian does not indulge in the life of a Leo. Aries will love the charisma and ideas of the Leo. Both of them are egotistical which creates problem in their compatibility. If they compromise with each other then they will be proved really a good match.

Compatibility of Aries Man and Leo Woman

The compatibility of an Aries Man and Leo Woman will be so much that they will happily share the limelight with each other. He loves adventure and she joins him happily. He loves to explore life and she loves to be praised by new people in unique territories. Drama and excitement are supreme when a Leo woman teams up with Aries man. This excellent combination is powerfully potent. They face no shortage of compliments as both of them hold back nothing.

Compatibility of Aries Woman and Leo Man

As astrology says that this love match is quite perfect. His tremendous personality will be strong and go well with her desire to explore unknown. The relationship of the both of them will be lasted for a long time. Leo man will like very much the intelligence and lively spirit of an Aries woman. She will be fond of him for his romantic and generous nature. She always try to save his vulnerable ego will ensure bonding tightly this relationship for a long time. In return he will also give her love and trust.

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