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Posted on 03 Jul 2012 at 8:52am

There is nothing for you in the previous year. But there is expectation for you to grab something in 2012. Personal freedom along with social welfare, sensual pleasures and communications are essential for you. The more you ready for a change it will be better for you. Concentrate on what is passing through; hold your financial matters quite efficiently. They are active and they should also work hard to maintain their healthier body and mind. Excessive traveling keeps them away from home for long time. Post October 2012 when Saturn moves out of Libra then your life will become convenient and matters pertaining to your health profession and prosperity will be exalted. For the love, you may have to face with displeasure and disappointing situation. Things will be developed but take care of investing your interest and emotions in any sort of temporary relationship. Ganesha suggested them to be calm and cool and deal everything positively.

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