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Posted on 13 Sep 2012 at 11:39am

Cancerians are very protective and they develop a hard outer shell. They are sensitive and caring nature so they remain their hardness to their outer shell. They have strong hold on the things which is their zodiac sign of crab. Cancerous are very loyal and have tough time to let it go. Their love is protecting and caring but if they are tempered than it can be smothering. The motto of the Cancer  is using of defensiveness as a tool to offend. Something which appears a retreat to others can be your aggressive tactic. While strengthening your security by developing your home and family relationships, remember that suppressed anger can turn into resentment and depression. Discover someone whom you can trust and share your feelings with.

Cancer Horoscope Nature

Cancer Horoscope Nature

Cancer Key Planet: Moon

The moon changing its position constantly and does not keep same row for two nights. It revolves around the earth once in a month. The menstrual cycles of women are congealed with the lunar who pouts them close to the subconscious of the moon. The moon is the key to our feelings and emotional cycles for both man and woman. The Moon symbolizes our basic needs as the key planet of Cancer.

Fourth House: Home and Family

The fourth house is concerned with the mother. We are nurtured by our real mother but also nurtured those mothers who are not real mothers who nurture us in the early days of our life. It is where we retreat from the noise of the outer world which shows your sub-conscious memories and fears of childhood.

Cancer Element: Water
As astrology says, the water element of this zodiac sign stands for emotions. The cycle of water never ends as there is snow falling in the mountains during winter and then melting in the summer. The mountain streams team up to make great rivers that join the sea. Similarly our feelings are continuously flowing to join our present with past experiences. The water represents changing of tides. But this is concerned with the still water of the lake. No movement on the surface of the lake but there may be some movement in the depth of the lake which means a continuous but hidden movement.

Cancer Strength:
They have the ability to cherish others is your biggest strength.

Cancer Weakness:
Fear of the past days coming back to the future which will weak you the most.

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