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Posted on 19 Sep 2012 at 5:40am

Cancerian has the habits of passion and emotion. They are very strict in their mood and are also strongly associated with their families. Cancerian has very sensitive nature and they can hurt easily by the harsh words and anger of other persons. It is very cumbersome task to cuddle, love and please them otherwise they will keep quiet, cry and confine themselves into their rooms. They are also very secretive and hesitate to share their problems with anybody else but they will always there to support you. Cancerain are very good at heart because they show their love, compassion and affection with you in your hard times.

Cancer to Cancer Horoscope Compatibility

Cancer to Cancer Horoscope Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Cancer Woman

The compatibility of both Cancerian will not work efficiently and may be ended in a mess. Both of them have their own moods and needs and they do not understand the problems of each other. They are emotional and have various mood swings. If they involved in the long discussion then there will be the greater number of chances of their separation. If they want a long compatibility and strong relationship then they will to understand the demand of love, care and protection of each other and they should stay calm and increase their interest peacefully in each other.

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