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Posted on 17 Sep 2012 at 7:40am

There are many differences between these lovely couples. Both of them have their own visions towards life to solve their problems. Cancerain is a practical person while the Geminain is very talkative. The positive side of this relationship is that Gemini has witty, humorous and intellectual habits which appeal the Cancer and then make this match a love match. Cancer provides the stability and depth.  But sometimes the flirtatious nature of Gemini makes Cancer jealousy and insecure.

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Gemini Woman

Cancer to Gemini Horoscope Compatibility

Cancer to Gemini Horoscope Compatibility

Cancer boy clings to their words. He has suspicious nature which makes him accusing of being interested in other men and then affects the compatibility strictly. Her explanation will go flat and thus she tired of his nature. In the beginning of this relationship the passionate nature of the cancer boy may be arisen. He makes many commitments and their relationship will not work well for a longer period of time. She gives her love and affection to her male Cancerian counterpart to control his flirtatious nature.

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Gemini Man

A Cancerian woman is attracted by the enthusiasm and energy of the Gemini man. On the other side her charisma and sensitive manners will attract the Gemini man. With the passage of time their relationship will get stronger when more and more differences will grow up. His humorous and witty nature will go well with her emotional nature and his diversion from commitment which gives feelings of insecurity to her. According to the Ganesha, both of them will become a source of comfort for each other and solve their problems by the humility bestowed upon them.

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