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Posted on 07 Jul 2012 at 7:58am

Gemini Physical Structure: Gemini have normally good height. They have slim body. Their complexion is pale, hair is light colored. The facial expression is similar to that of a sparrow. The eyes are bright. The teeth are usually weak and the Speech is rapid.

Gemini Health: Gemini should take plenty of food as they are hyperactive. Eat regular and well balanced diet. Gemini also rules the limbs and the lungs.

Gemini Beauty scope: A Gemini likes to wear dresses of bright orange and lemon. The eyes are bright and have the habit of applying mascara which should be cultivated. They should wear miniskirts, sleeveless dresses. The limbs are slender and they should use heavy jewelry.

Gemini Food: Geminians like spinach, tomatoes, oranges, green beans, celery, apricot, plums, carrots, cauliflower, coconut, wheat gram. They should avoid smoking.

Gemini Habits: Geminians need to have sound habits of work and rest. Cultivate concentration in your work.

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