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Posted on 06 Jul 2012 at 9:59am

People born under Gemini have two type of nature. They can accept the opposites very easily and they can choose two different things at one time. Gemini are ve4y sharp witted, versatile and have sharp mind. They care master of chatting in cocktail parties and can speak from one topic to the other. They are very sharp witted and can talk with their opponents very effectively and after sometimes these opponents become their best friends. They should make decision hastily and think over the matter for some time.

Gemini Key Planet: Mercury

Gemini is concerned with Mercury which is the planet of childhood and youth. This planet usually revolves around the Sun quickly than any other planet on the earth. This planet indicates our thinking and communication. It also symbolizes our alertness and rational mind. This planet is impatient and has variations which drive to talk and listen but never lead you for some action.

Third House: Communication

The third house symbolizes communication and all aspects concerning with it. According to traditional thought third house also consists of the type of interactions which take place between siblings. It also is the representative of short-distance travel and trips.

Gemini Element: Air
The element of Gemini, air, represents movement. Having an alert mind and a good command over language, the Geminians are born communicators. Geminians with their element of air are thinkers. They emphasize the intellect over other functions. As the breath of spring, they can be light and breezy, but their words can also carry the strength of a strong wind.
The air of Gemini keeps changing the directions. It is the indication for how our brain solves a puzzle with the help of various solutions.

Gemini Strength:
Geminiains greatest strength is inquisitiveness about various interests.

Gemini Weakness:
The most important task is to lose your focus and this becomes your weakness.

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